Revitalizing a Long Term Relationship

It is obvious the moment you looked into the eyes of one another, with your hearts pounding in unison,  and even speaking was a problem and being reduced to baby mumble, that the idea of a long term relationship came into mind and that you were already mad in love. At that point a conscious decision had been made to spend as much time as possible together,  looking forward to understanding and knowing the other person much better.

Obviously, those were the days everything seemed exciting and as you walked with love in your eyes and head on high, the only thing that came into mind was the partner you have come to love. Probably you spoke for hours on end, most likely not saying much of any consequence but feeling very close,  sometimes changing your dreams and hopes, emotions and feelings, the very foundations that a long term relationship is made up of.

Perhaps after sometime you began returning to planet reality and right into the normal world and you started observing some things in your partner that were mostly ignored or not seen in your early days; after all you were in love with them, happy to live and understand all about your loved one.  Probably what happened were a lot of arguments on various issues but at the end of the day you ended up straining your relationship and you started seeing things you never thought possible.

You might be thinking a long term relationship is something that you cannot maintain through all the discord. However, even if it doesn’t feel like it, this is exactly where relationships that have withstood the test of time have started. It is all part of the process of getting to know each other and developing a deeper bond. To move into this new understanding, it is important to keep talking and opening up and going back to where the first raindrop started hitting you and to rekindle those feelings of love and care for the sake of your future together.